Stories With A Mission of Healing

Young adults have more stress than ever before. Cyberbullying, exclusion, lack of friends, friendships with ulterior motives. It's very hard to be a middle schooler or high school student these days, and the emotional trauma doesn't go away with college admission.

DanniStories wants to help! Pick a story. Each is written about characters with real problems. Some are single parents. Others are living with barely enough money to keep food on the table. Still others are dealing with health problems or permanent disabilities. All of these characters cope in ways that might not be healthy, but read on.

Eventually, they learn that happiness isn't dependent on health, wealth, or social status. Happiness comes when we accept our shortcomings and let ourselves fail, and most importantly, see that there is hope. We can make do with less money, function or racing to be better than someone else.

Happiness comes when we accept our limitations, whatever they might be, and do what we can do. When we see our struggle to be normal as enough. When we reach out of our circle of problems and try to help someone else.


Life Isn't Fair. But I can play fair with someone else.

Bad things happen to good people. But I can let those bad things give me understanding, and use that to help friends.

I may have been a victim. But I don't have to be one for the rest of my life.

I Can Be Happy!

Visit worlds where characters are facing problems. You may see a little of your situation there. But, you -- and that character -- don't have to stay there. Soon, there is healing, and someone to help you see a different point of view. You are forever changed, but you can discover new paths to happiness and peace and comfort.

There are no guarantees that you will feel better after reading a particular story, but you just might.

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