DanniStories, or Dannis' Stories. Therapeutic Science Fiction.

What is Therapeutic Science Fiction? Therapeutic means [loosely translated] healthy or beneficial. Obviously, I'm a writer, not a medical or mental health professional. When I say my writing is therapeutic, I mean that I try to show the healing that can come after bad things happen. I try to make the best of things in my life, and I try to be positive. I have been through many trials, but through all of them, faith in my Heavenly Father and Jesus has kept me going. As a disabled person, I don't mourn what I can't do any more so much as I count the things I still can do. Throughout my life I have known a lot of folks who have been through a lot of things and I've been through a lot. I guess, we tend to gravitate towards each other as friends. I also do a lot of research, research, research. I don't write about myself or my friends. I create people in my head and give them problems to overcome. I draw on personal experience but my stories aren't about me or anyone I know. However, I'm not afraid to peer deep into my characters' minds and give my readers a glimpse of what it would be like. I am Christian, but I also believe in acceptance of all my brothers and sisters worldwide. My writing reflects my world view, that all people are created equal, and deserve love.

Science Fiction is science-based, so I try to research the science I present in my stories to be as close to the future as I can get in this present-day state of things. If my characters have medical challenges, I read up and try to find first-person accounts to show me what it's like, before I try to write it. So I do with mental health challenges and difficult subjects which can happen to innocent people. Much of my science is psychology, techniques that real therapists [in the medical sense] use to help their patients. I also touch on biology, chemistry, history, space colonies and exploration [thanks, NASA!], physics, geology, natural disasters and preparedness, and many other subjects. I have a lot of interests, so this research is fun! I read far more non-fiction than fiction!

Who am I? I'm Dannis Cole, and I write Dannis' Stories. To keep my domain name a bit shorter, I came up with my business name, DanniStories. I am an Indie Publisher. Since many of my DanniStories social media accounts are becoming DannisWrites because my phone number changed, I might change my business name in the future.