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C – Character Guide

C – Character Guide

For Home Is Series With Pronunciation

General Notes: When I came up with my names, I thought they were pretty straightforward. That was before I learned a bit about languages and how to pronounce other tongues. Many people have trouble with them, so I am providing these guides to help.

I have created several languages for my books. In Yeff, many names have the tilde [~] on the left upper side of your keyboard. This denotes stress, as in Greek, just with a different symbol. To pronounce it, say the h sound and breathe out harshly, like hh!. The addition of a tilde to a name denotes great hardship. It can be added at birth, as in Ryonne~'s case, or at any time, in a Zheien's life. This is a Yeff custom, so it is not widely practiced among Zheien colonies, except in Ye~, or in Ye~ Prov of Zhea~, or families of Zheien royalty. In my Home Is Series, Laura has a lot of trouble pronouncing Yeff. Ryonne~ is very patient with her, as are most Zheien.

A'laf 24

Areonians 25

Earthans 57

Elshars 58

Elshars On Areon 59

Kajarians 61

Morgeans 61

Xchou 62

Zbbat 63

Zheien 63

Zheien-Elshar Zheien 63

Zheien-MarKuans 65

Zheien-Yeff 66