Maff, Diplomat of A'laf. Ryonne~'s adopted son.

He sat against the opposite hull. His head was very round, and seemed divided by breathing tubes. He did not have a mouth as we do. The black breathing tubes made an x across his yellow face. His eyes were triangular, and very green. They had the white part, then the green irises, and round pupils as we. Oh, your eyes are the same shade as my sister Maia's, emerald green!

Many think my hands are ugly. He had crescent-shaped hands, but they were very soft and warm as he rubbed one with another.

Perhaps many here think my hands are ugly. I compared my five-fingered hand to the twin-fingered hands of Pas.

His feet were also crescent-shaped, and I thought of elves in fairy tales. That made him laugh. Perhaps I shall be her elf. I am not as tall as an Areonian. Some think that I am a child because I am very short. I am bald, and women like hair on a head. He sighed.

If your head is soft like your hands, is this a bad thing? We cannot expect all people to look the same.

You may meet me if you are not frightened. I do not wish to scare anyone, but many are frightened of me. I am the only A'laf in DS, and I fear my people are extinct, though I wish I could find them. We had a colony on Beautiful. I felt his grief. Ryee found him and adopted him, an orphan! Ryee was only 12 then. – Adia from Home Is Areon