Berto, Assignment Specialist of DS, of Elshar Mashai, Prov One. An honorable Elshar of Prov One, with morals similar to Zheien. He sends DS Teams on missions, usually for trade disputes and biome maints. He has served joint missions with many Zheien kings and high officials to gain the release of their diplomats from prisons or Ih Esta, the infamous Gowan police. Usually, these charges are faked and hard to disprove. Any witnesses are drugged and injured or sent to slavery, or found dead.

Elshars On Areon

Hashi, Trader of D'sharr.

Believed Elshar genetics make Areonians strong. His grandfather tried to mix Areonian genetics with more Elshar, some Bisillip, and some Morgean, like they tried to do on AEgea. Adopted brother of Patasia, from D'sharr.

“He is in a house. People scare him. He fought against the Rads and they used a weapon on him. It will be a long time before he is able to do normal things.” Vonn looked sad. “His children are with him and they fought, also. They had injuries, but not as badly as him. They are mostly recovered after Pas' healing. Because they are half Elshar, they have malformed joints and much pain!”

“I did not know Uncle Hashi had children!” Derees had tears in his brown eyes.

“He led the invasion of the Hospital and released all the inmates! He found his children and they helped him fight until the Rads used that weapon on him. But, they dragged him into a building and hid. Adia's speech made the fighting stop. Then people brought them to Kleideu. Your uncle is a hero!” Vonn smiled.

Kar Lir, Trader of D'sharr.

“People of Areon, here is my fahie, Trader Kar Lir of D'sharr, returned from exile. I am happy to say he is here now and wants to trade for Areon!” He held out his good arm and put it around a large Elshar man, who had very light eyes. He wore the cobalt blue robes like M'Naga had! “Mother, please come talk to Father. He has been faithful to you all these years and suffers much persecution because he is a fair trader. Healer Pas on Ye~ saved his life, and he has lived in hiding all these years on Ishah. ” My cousin looked old. Silver, straight hair like Dad's hung in his eyes as he brushed it away. His other arm was bandaged. “People of Areon, we are free! I want to apologize publicly to my mother, Sia Rayaline. She tried her best to raise me when Fahie was exiled, but he is a good man and trades endlessly for the cause.” Adia's uncle.

Patasia, Info Scientist.

Even her husband Derees Jons does not know she is D'sharran until they go to Ye~. She looks Lilmerican. Because she did not have healing after her encounters with the DF, she is mentally unstable and abuses their four children. She had healing from Healer Pas, but insisted on going back to Areon. Derees went with her.

Sau, Governor of Areon.

Governor after Eric Schwer, when the Rads lost power. He was Leader of the Areonic Council, and members Leader Zimmermann of Kleideu, Leader Schiff of Kleideu, and Leader Kipna of Lilmerica were against the Rads. They remained on it. He describes how the Rads came to power.