This race, similar in some ways to the Zbbat, is also very advanced as far as science and art, with a rich history. Unlike the radial Zbbat, Esteerrians are short, with frog-like yellow eyes the size of basketballs that rise from their shoulders. They are very wide. Three Earthans could stand shoulder to shoulder and an Esteerrian would be wider. They have green skin. Their mouths are at the end of their round, non-jointed arms, round with spiked teeth. Their two legs are the size of an elephant's and have three short, stubby toes. When an Esteerrian wants to travel quickly, he bends his pliable body and rolls forwards or backwards! Their language is gestural, though they might punctuate it with grunts.

King Lyyyrah. The first Esteerrian king to turn from care of the weak. His insane amusements include races in yahts, small spaceships that accelerate so abruptly, the tough Esteerrians often lose consciousness. He likes to challenge diplomats who visit him with physical tests of strength and endurance. One of these is embeeshnah, a fight to the death after consuming intoxicants.

J'hanntur. Lyyyrah's brother, who is a notorious slaver.