Ahstam [Ahh-stam], Master Healer of Zheiea [Zh-eye-ee-ah]. Most knowledgeable and skilled healer of our time. He lives on Zhea~ [Zh-uh!], but often travels with his healer ennead to trade for dying slaves. An Ennead [En-nee-ad] is a group of nine healers. He often saves them, and frees them.

Ishmarel, First Prince of Zheiea. Heir to the throne of the Fatherworld Zhea~. Zhea~ has hundreds of thousands of Zheien Colonies in all 13 galaxies.

Marel'vanrah, King of Zheiea. All Zheien Kings respect him as the figurative father of all Zheien Colonies. He and his Council decide which provs will send colonies, to relieve overcrowding on Zhea~.

Zheien-Elshar Zheien

Cevit Ion, Seventh Galaxy Minister, DS of Elshar Mashai Zheien Colony. He came to investigate the unrest on Areon after Ryonne~ rescued Adia from The Therapy on Areon. Elshar Zheien intermarried with their neighbors on Elshar Mashai.

We walked to the yellow ship. From it sprang a yellow Zheien. He wore a gray vest over a redviolet uniform, much like Science Service or Diplomatic Service onepieces, but with the emblem of the Seven Galaxies on the high collar that came to his jaw. He was middle-aged, which shocked me. I pictured a Galactic Minister as an old, bearded man. His pants had horizontal layers which reminded me of draperies in fairy tales I read as a child. This man had a gray sash with so many pins, gray did not show much above and below them. They gleamed in the suns like jewels!

His light hair was short and curled under just a bit at the ends. His eyes were medium blue but turned light, like an Elshar's, as he saw us. “Ryee! O, I am happy to see you. Ean, Pai! And you must be Madame Rayaline. Such a service you did for your colony today! I watched your testimony. How difficult it must have been for you! I am very sorry for your trials, and wish that I nae had to ask you for more information!”

Ryee's mind guided me into a low bow. This was something called the Old Forms, and I tried to push my left leg far behind me.

He gasped and stopped me. Pulled me to standing. “Madame Rayaline, a scientist does nae need to know protocols--”

“Cev, she is my maiden, and wishes to learn, that she can be my wife someday--”

Another gasp, and he took me off my feet. “My son, you must teach her slowly. Very slowly. Areonians are fragile, and she has damaged telepathy! Pas, offer healing, please. She has mind pain, and I think from all the minds she had to touch today.”

Pas gasped and put his hands on my head. Spent quite a few mins on my points.

“Pain is ne severe--”

Cevit Ion wept. “Learn of me, Madame Rayaline. If you are on a mission with Ryee, or speaking before his people, eae, be brave. But, I beg, when with friends, nae hide unwells. Small unwells can became worse quickly. One must nae hide from her healer. Eae? I wish you to preserve your telepathy, for you may give hidden help to Ryee if you do marry him.”

I laughed. “How can this feeble telepathy help him? I barely learned enough telepathic Qvarn to trade on the Hub Net!”

“Madame Rayaline, I saw many with damaged telepathy save men. Elshar slavers, eae most slavers, ignore one with damaged. Yet, one can listen with skill even when telepathy is so damaged as to be nearly undetectable! Believe you me, a Galactic Minister?”

“Yes, sir!” I kept my eyes on him, even though my face burned. “I will be careful.”


Inhabitants of MarKu [Mar-Koo], First Colony of Zhea~. It is a planet in the Eighth Galaxy.

Herda [Her-dah], King of MarKu Zheien Colony. Longtime friend of Elder King Eanne~ of Ye~.

Goes [Goes], First Prince of MarKu – Herda's eldest son, who faithfully studied diplomacy with his father, known for his ability to recite treaties and poetry with equal skills. He invented many devices far ahead of his time; finished his schooling at Sigan Mas Consortium in one year instead of four; learned to negotiate with the most difficult of species; mastered well over 600 languages. He is expected to rule the 70 decillion of MarKuan peoples when he finishes important war treaties. His dearest friends call him Goe [go]. Dannis came up with this name from NASA's GOES weather satellite.

Natamian [Naht-ah-mee-an], Master Diplomat of MarKu . Taken from his house in Fig, MarKu near the planetary seat of government by slavers. He is mourned for dead by his family and wide circle of friends from many worlds. Many governments of the Seven have their diplomats watch for an opportunity to bring him home, if the place is found.

Nat. Natamian's shortname. Master Diplomat of MarKu.

Pie [pie], Master Healer of All MarKu. He received his title at the age of 9, when his father died during a difficult healing. A good friend of Pas after training with him. His son is Natamian. He lost his diplomat wife when Nat was 3.


Inhabitants of Ye~, the little moon of Areon which holds Ryonne~'s kingdom of 2000, is in the Seventh Galaxy of the Seven, led by Ry'nao [R-eye-nay-oh], Emperor of the Unified Seven Galaxies.

Ao~[Ah-oh!], Scientist of Ye~. Dear friend of Ryonne~, King of Ye~.

Banopah [Bahn-oh-pah], Stationed Diplomat of Gowa. Broken.

Be~saech [Beh!-say-ech (soft ch, as in Scottish ach)], Master Server Instructor of Ye~ [Y-ee!], and dear friend of Ryonne~. His father Ge~saech [Geh!-say-ech] gave him his title on his son's return from Sigan Mas [Si-gan Mahs] because he felt his son's skills exceeded his.

Behna [Beh-nah], friend of E~Janne. Be~saech's sister.

D’wea [Dih-wee-ah], wife of one of the 58 Yeff soldiers. She died with her husband.

Dos~ [Dos!]. Playmate of E~Janne.

Eanne~, Elder King of Ye~ [Ee-ahn-neh-ee!]. His name has Ea in it because of his father's friendship with many Zheien rulers of Ea~. Their scientists assisted King W~Via with genetic mods that saved Ye~ from Failure.

E~Janne [EE!-jahn], Princess of Ye~. Ryonne~'s little sister. She is 7 when Adia meets her.

Gaenne~ [Gay-en-nee!], one of 58 Yeff soldiers who died.

Gi~o [Gih-hh!-oh], Healer.

Hol, wife of one of the 58 Yeff soldiers. She died with her husband.

Ia, [I-ah] Master Trader of Ye~. His shop on the Commons has many interesting artifacts, databases and rare finds for trade. Many skilled traders from many worlds bring items to trade to him.

Ih~az [Ee!-ahz], Master Healer of Ye~. Pas' healer. He is a member of Pas' Ennead, Master Ennead of All Ye~.

J~oie, [Joh-hh!-ee] First Prince of Ye~. Brother of Ryonne~, King of Ye~, and first son of Eanne~, Elder King of Ye~ [Ee-ahn-neh-ee!].

K~aenda, [Kay-hh!-en-dah] Servant of Ye~. Adia's servant.

Kas [Kahs], a Master Healer.

Kesha, Master Healer of Ye~ [Keh-shah]. Member of Pas' Ennead.

Kira and Lasana, Tapestry Makers of Ye~. With them are Areonians

Lea~me [Lee-ah!-mee], Soldier of Ye~. One of the casualties of the War, he lies in stasis in Burial Chambers, deep within Ye~. Perhaps healing tech improves enough to heal him someday.

Lydda [Lid-dah] of Ye~, Wife of M'Naga. She is too frail to take an occupation, but she helps others as she can. She often walks on the Commons with treats in her pockets for children there.

Li [Lih] is her shortname, given by her husband.

M'Naga, [Min-ah-gah] Master Trader of Ye~. His skills with trading keep Ye~ a viable colony. He is also a very skilled marksman and loves to collect weapons.

Mehrna, Master Healer of Ye~ [Mehr-nah]. Pas' Ennead includes him. He is Pas' brother.

Min, Servant of Ye~. He was born with a very small brain and developmental disabilities. He is healthy, and strong. When he had Decision, he chose to live in the King's House and serve. Min is very happy with his work, and feels valued.

Netalta, Tapestry Maker of Ye~, and his wife, Sian, Musician of Ye~, both 25. Areonians Liam, 47, and his daughter Lianna, 5, live with them and are unwell. Liam married Neli Wilnes when she was cured of feline genetic mutations that were killing her, and she moved into the household. She is still unwell but has happiness with her family.

Many healers walked out with them and taught their new parents to give them massages with a green foam called varas. Maia and I learned also, and stroked it on Uncle Liam's trembling legs. He smiled.

A couple brought a little girl to him. “She is Lianna--”

“Lianna! They told me dead! Lianna!!” He took her and gave her a sloppy kiss on her forehead. She put her little arms around his neck.


“We will help you care for her. Will you live with us? I am Sian, a musician, and my husband is Netalta, a tapestry maker.” They bowed to him.

He tried to reach their hands but his arms would not unbend. They took them. Liam smiled. “Ja! Live together. My son! My daughters!” Mother told me he had a married son. He and his wife were ship techs who died in a ship explosion out in space long ago, at 16. They would be older than me but about this couple's age. Lianna would be older than the maybe 25-year old Sian by several years if not for stasis. – Adia, Home Is Areon

Ne’zh [Neh-zh], one of 58 Yeff soldiers who died.

Oa~mer [Oh-ahh!-mer], one of 58 Yeff soldiers who died.

Oesha [Oh-ehh-sha], Master Scientist of Ye~. He discovered a new way to extract data from dead cells. Zheien and Elshar worlds depend on living media to store data, and it is fragile. If the media, [usually single-celled plants], dies, it was thought that there was no way to restore it. Dead media added to live starter cultures kills the starter culture. Oesha developed a new kind of starter culture that could use the dead media to extract information, though not whole. Over the thirty years since the Molecule Mill disaster, he has perfected his technique, with help from his Science Service Team [see Science Service], to extract up to 90% of data from dead cells. His technique is taught to students who study Biomes at Sigan Mas, a galaxy that is a place of learning. See Sigan Mas.

Pa’isha [Pah-ee-shah], Elder Queen of Ye~. Wife of Eanne~, she is a skilled negotiator and diplomat, and loves the challenges of Thordes diplomacy. Thordes live on a world where each prov has a distinct language and culture, and the average Thordes has to know at least 50 languages merely to pass between borders!

Pai [pie]. Shortname of Pa'isha, given her by her family.

Panasai [Pan-ah-sigh], Stationed Diplomat of Gowa. Broken.

Parsopah [Pahr-soh-pah], Stationed Diplomat of Gowa. Broken.

Pas [Pahs], Master Healer of All Ye~. He leads the Yeff Master Ennead, and serves the King's Family along with the most difficult healings in the colony.

Of the two thousand inhabitants, there is a healer for every family, and every healer is part of an ennead, a group of nine. They learn from each other, and when one learns enough to teach, he becomes a Master Healer.

Mostly this is through mutual consent of the Ennead. Many times, during a difficult healing, the Master Healer dies, and the member of the Ennead with the most skill to take over this difficult healing earns his title of Master Healer. Pas became Master Healer of the Master Ennead in this way when his father died.

There are more Master Healers per capita in Ye~ Zheien Colony than in any other, save Ea~. This is because the Yeff had to endure radical genetic mods to survive on a desert moon.

On Ea~, the Eans had to endure radical genetic mods to survive on a very watery, humid world, but they had more time to plan theirs.

Zheien colonies always have to adapt to new worlds. However, Ye~ was the most extreme of desert environments ever encountered by a Zheien colony. Ea~ was the most extreme of watery environments. Therefore, these two Zheien colonies have the most Master Healers, and many are trained by Zhea~ the Parent World's finest Master Healer, Ahstam, himself.

Pas traveled to Zhea~ much, to see his family there, and to be trained by Ahstam. He was the only Yeff from Zhea~ to survive at the time of this book, one of the original colonists.

Perswan, Healer of Ye~. Healer of Tan Links and Lili, his wife, both unwell Areonians.

Phed [fed], one of the 58 soldiers of Ye~ who died.

Pin, Healer of Ye~. He is young. Assigned to Ursula Grun, and her daughter Minsa has Healer Nasun. They live with Kira and Lasana, Tapestry Makers of Ye~.

Porasa [Pohr-ah-sah], Stationed Diplomat of Gowa. Broken.

Rae~ [Ray-ee!], servant of Eanne~ and his dearest friend.

Ryonne~ [Ree-own-nuh-ee!], King of Ye~. He began serving as King at 18 because he wanted to share the burdens of the Kingdom. His parents reluctantly assented because of his great skills. It is very rare for one so young to rule.

Ryee [Ree]. Ryonne~'s shortname.

Sea [See-ah], good friend of Eanne~.

Seanne~ [See-ah-nah-ee!], one of 58 Yeff soldiers who died. Sea's bae [son].

Se~sha [Seh!-shah], J~oie's servant.

Se~spea, Master Trader of Ye~ [Se!-speh-ah]. He lost several sons in the War.

Sopai [Soh-pie], Stationed Diplomat of Gowa. Broken.

Suytes, Tutor of E~Janne. He was once a diplomat, but injured his leg.

Toras, Healer of Ye~, 37. Healer of Areonian unwell Liam Gelb and daughter Lianna.

Upa, Diplomat of Ye~, 21. Took Vonn Links to Elshar Mashai, with 29 other traders for their TS status test. All passed. Home Is Areon.