Aardvark Practice

Christa has dreams of a safer apartment, a car, maybe a ship, but her dreams turn into something more.

Zhea~ Year 7839 40 pp. Novelette. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002IFUOY2


Absolute Maybe

Nicole has a friend who won't get serious. He has dangerous enemies.

Zhea~ Year 7839 40 pp. Novelette. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002IKKMDK


Accidental Friend

An Elshar befriends a Zheien, but when he is injured, no one will believe the Elshar’s story. Zhea~ Year 7832 Rated PG. ASIN: B002IKKOH4


Agricultural Hazard

Sonya's idyllic country life isn't working, and her son, Randy's out of control. But, she doesn't realize that her husband, Will, is at the end.

Zhea~ Year 7840 Rated G. 20pp. ASIN: B002IPHDZU


Ajar Soul

Emily finds Sier the Diplomat lying by the duck pond, and he's not willing to call for help. Zhea~ Year 7842 Rated PG. 59pp. ASIN: B002IT6ABO


Average Indemnity

Foaltiarna's average day at Aldredge Indemnity becomes a risk her boss can't calculate.

Zhea~ Year 7837 PG-13 Novelette. ASIN: B002IT6NBQ


Dying Hope

Jemira Cliatt is missing Andre, her fiance, who died. Scientist VW of Biehshah comes to Columbia to help their colonists troubleshoot their genetic mods. Suddenly, their shared lost loves attract them together.

G. Novelette. ASIN: To Be Assigned 12-Feb-2019


Innocuous Dangers

Ryonne~ has an obsession with a scientist on the planet his moon kingdom orbits, despite his parents' warnings. An opportunity to join her work changes both their lives. Novelette.

Zhea~ Year 7818 Rated PG. 39pp. ASIN: B002IT62AI