Advice Naught

Myrtle is used to being ignored, but her strong opinion suddenly brings powerful enemies to bear.

Zhea~ Year 7839 82pp. Novella. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002IPHBTI


AKA Slopfah

Jonquil, Earthan slave, was buried in a rockslide in a mine. She wakes up in a healer colony, but can she believe she's safe?

Zhea~ Year 7837 93pp. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002IT62IU


Almost Like

Perrie thinks meeting Diplomat Kuri Dahn is a lot of things, but it becomes danger. 148pp. Novella. Rated PG ASIN: B002HMCWZU


Am Not

Amber lives in a state of denial, but sooner or later, she will have to come to a decision. Then, a new face in her life brings it sooner.

Zhea~ Year 7839 88pp. Novella. PG ASIN: B002IT6DAM


Aquatic Desert

Desi's having more than a bad day, then a stranger pulls her out of the path of a bus.

Zhea~ Year 7841-62 Novella. Rated PG ASIN: B002HHM83G

New MarKu, Rainbow Unwell Colony Vol.7


Banatah Healer

Olwen pretends to be a Gowan healer on Banatah, quietly raising herbs to trade. Suddenly, she must juggle a flood of eager traders wanting what she has, and patients. Zhea~ Year 7842 93pp. Novella. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002HMCYSU


Brief Glory

Katie Sorenson is an actress on Danger Service, a single mom who never left Earth. Her friendship with a DS Team reveals a talent that might save their lives. Zhea~ Year 7836-39 106pp. Novella. Rated PG ASIN: B002HMD24K


Bye Again

Bettina is recruited by a diplomat's secretary to help him with a little Zheien herbalry because he avoids healers. But, when she wants to learn more Zheien healing in slave rescue, she learns that slavers are watching her.

Zhea~ Year 7837 101pp. Novella. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002HMD4EI


Can't Talk About That

Nita loves Lane, but she thinks that he can't love her, so she hides the things she feels are unlovable. Telepathy abhors secrets.

105pp. Novella. Rated PG-13 (Kindle Edition - Jul 22, 2009)

Zhea~ Year 7844 ASIN: B002IKKXE8


Dad's Cabin

Alma goes to her dad's cabin for the last time, and finds Diplomat Joe, injured. Suddenly the country isn't so safe, after all.

Zhea~ Year 7838 87pp. Novella. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002HMD7WM



Young diplomatic student, Aurelia Jensen, is assigned to a Zheien diplomat, but instead of memorizing treaty provisions, she visits other Zheien in prison.

Zhea~ Year 7838 91pp. Novella. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002HMDBC8


Trader's Holdings

Cindy goes on a date with Ber, but he’s hurt when he meets her at the Atlanta Temple. She takes him home and police advise her not to see him any more. An Elshar with enemies. Zhea~ Year 7832 147pp. Novella. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002HEXKQ8


Woman Lost

Gussie feels lost in Atlanta, then she finds someone who's even more lost.

Zhea~ Year 7833 171pp. Novella. PG-13 ASIN: B002HHM6OM