B’ansah Healer Colony

Kop is sent to inspect B’ansah and finds nightmarish conditions. The healer soon realizes this assignment is more than just a change of routine! He fears to admit his love for his lady far away. How could she join him, here?

Zhea~ Year 7832-41 157pp. Novel. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002JVXUUK


Colony To Colony

Daughter of a single parent, Siar is named for a Zheien colony her mother always spoke about. Lack of an aandat and trade for passage stopped her. Siar decides to leave Earth in search of a better life. But, is this life better?

Zhea~ Year 7834-41 295pp. Novel. Rated PG-13 ASIN: B002IPHEAY


Story Collections

My plan is to offer story collections as well as individual stories shorter than Novella [short novel] length.

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