Prude Reads

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Prude Reads is a story collection for families. Most are rated G. All the Short-Short Stories are here, and many shorter Short Stories.

Here is the table of contents and what the stories are about.

Prude Reads Story List

Difference of Cries, A

Ocean cries bring special help.

Zhea~ Year 7826 4 pp. Short. Rated G. ASIN: B002HEX7DO


Art of Being Grateful

Chiquita Perez has a bad boyfriend who expects her to cook a turkey for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner. A fall on the sidewalk, and she misses her bus and fears his anger. But Paul, a Zheien diplomat, invites her to the Atlanta Zheien Embassy with his secretary, Laura, and they give her a reason to practice the art of being grateful, which is what Thanksgiving is all about.

Originally published in Digital Dragons eZine, No. 06, Nov 2009


Awkward Moments

Martel leads the Tech Team to Jenica for delivery of the new Hub server. Fighting between two warring groups aborts the mission. Where’s Martel?

PG 23pp. Short Story. ASIN: B002IT6PGY


Accidental Friend

An Elshar befriends a Zheien, but when he is injured, no one will believe the Elshar’s story. Zhea~ Year 7832 Rated PG. ASIN: B002IKKOH4


Dog's Legacy

Grandma shares her parrot’s secret with her granddaughter.

Zhea~ Year 7823 3pp. Short-Short. Rated G. ASIN:


Father Found

Tia’s mother prepares her for her father’s homecoming. She begins a journey of understanding, the loss of innocence in a bittersweet return home.

Zhea~ Year 7778 3pp. Short-Short. Rated G. ASIN: B002HEX4WI


First Launch

A girl's fae tells of the first successful launch of an interplanetary craft from Zhea~.

[Fae is Zheien for grandfather]

Zhea~ Year 4825 Rated G. 4 pp. Short. ASIN: B002HEX5WM


His Brother's Song

In a museum in Anniston, grandmother and granddaughter argue over a scientist’s research. Zhea~ Year 7840 Rated G. 2 pp. Short-Short. ASIN: B002HEX86A


Miracle Cure

Pov experiences a miracle, compliments of Earth. Licorice saves his life.

Rated G. 2pp. Short-Short. ASIN: B002IT6C26


Trader's Gift

Cesta’s coming of age too soon mirrors his father’s and takes him to far worlds. But, traders oft find surprises in the Gift….

Zhea~ Year 6626 Rated G. 2 pp. 450 words. Short-Short. ASIN: B002HEX8WE


Innocuous Dangers

Ryonne~ has an obsession with a scientist on the planet his moon kingdom orbits, despite his parents' warnings. An opportunity to join her work changes both their lives. Novelette.

Zhea~ Year 7818 Rated PG. 39pp. ASIN: B002IT62AI


Whatz In The Closet

Aronna brings a pet home, and Maia realizes it's an Otherworlder. She fears persecution from the Government, but the Sehdlat have something else in mind. Maia has to figure out what.

Zhea~ Year 7818 G. Home Is Series ASIN: B002IYEL3I