Adia Series

Adia, Scientist of Areon, second edition, now available on

Doomed scientist strives to discover a new fuel as War moves closer, but her experiment explodes. Now Adia realizes just how vital her work is, and who threatens it, when a visiting scientist saves her.


​​​​​​​A holo showed what happened. Prog One records all incidents. Takes holos from every person's angle and combines them into one. Director Pragate and Security surely see it now. The holo clearly showed my hands going too far into the dimportal.

If I had spoken all the coords and waited for verification, as procedures demanded, the explosion would have happened here, in the lab.

A simulation predicted the 1000x field would not have contained it. Flagged an error in the 1000x code. Sent the sim to Safety. Safety Section made an error? That is how my hands slipped into the portal?

“Age must have weakened the containment field generator. Infoserver." Vonn said, "Help Adia. Medical databases."

"Infoserver malfunction. Databases not found."

We stared at each other. "That is not possible."

Derees waved. "Access medical databases."

"Databases not found."

Tingling grew to pain! Close contact to an explosion was unheard of in the five years of the Eicken Project's existence. Medical databases were requested very infrequently.

Regen will save me, will it? Pain took my breath. Will I set off the ED's? Sight faded.

“We need a healer! Is there one in the Director’s Office?”

“A healer? No, we do not employ them except in Eicken Hospital. You must take an injured person there—”

“I will not take my colleague in that place!” Derees slashed the holo off!

“My trade bal—is not—enough—” My voice whispered.

Vonn held onto me. “Derees, try to contact Kleideu for a healer! I have trade, Adia. We must—” He startled, as my arms dropped.

Footsteps. Sudden impact. I stared down at medium-blue boots. Felt warmth, at my wrists. With it, strength. Twin fingers held my wrists and swelling vanished from my hands. I reached for them as my eyes found his.

Golden eyes opened impossibly wide. That round face smiled at me. “Does my healing help you?”

Calm penetrated me. Heard the singing, in my mind. Pragate became ill after he introduced the Zheien. That singing I heard as he healed him.

"What did you do?" Derees gasped. Touched my fingers. My red skin showed no sign of injury. Strength returned to my wilting body. Redness left, and with it, pain.

"Thank you." What to say? Heat crept into my face! Oh, my heart pounded even more! Surely an ED will alarm!

Ryonne~ moved a hand to my shoulder. Warmth. I sat upright in the chair. "Is Zheien healing."

Vonn smiled and let go of my shoulders. Looked at our visitor.

His orange skin paled as calm slowed my breathing more. "Are you well?"

"Other than losing two weeks of work, yes, I am well." I smiled, and so did he. Still expected the DF to come. Worked harder to control my breathing. Sleep pulled at my eyelids. Warmth from his hand stopped. The touch of his twin fingers, the nearness of him—does it show, how he affects me?

The two security men watched us. One came to Ryonne~. The other walked to Vonn. Am I in trouble?

"Ambassador, now that we had our little excitement, let us find the ANW lab." One of the two men in black Eicken Security uniform pulled at his arm.

The other asked Vonn questions about what happened. Vonn brought up a holo of Safety's Department Leader, Leherr Firs.

"But, excuse me, this is the ANW lab.” Citsa pointed with a scowl at my charred and melted workspace.

Cole, Dannis Belle Spaeth 1958-

Adia, Scientist / By Dannis Cole. DanniStories: Ringgold, GA 2022. (Kindle Edition December 22, 2022) - Kindle Book. 140 pp. ii-xv, 171 pp. With Appendix. Second Edition. 81396 Words. Novel. Rated PG for scenes with violence.

Kindle $.99

Print Editions are 301 pp. ii-xv, 289 pp. are the novel itself.

Paperback 9798371373618 $7.75

Hardcover 9798371432889 $11.50

Also available in Amazon Vella, one chapter at a time. First 3 are free!

Science fiction. Dystopian science fiction. Medical science fiction. Young adult fiction.

Zheien Colonies – Ye~. Earthan Peoples – Areonians. Trading – Alliance and Unified Intergalactic Trade Networks. ScSv [Science Service] Scientist – Women.

Adia, One Of Prophecy

Adia can see many futures which have already saved worlds. But she cannot see the Final Battle, in which she will use her White Cube Of Light, most powerful of the telepathic weapon-Cubes. Eriganh holds the Red Cube Of Fire, second most powerful. She knows where the battleground will be, in a quiet front yard of a house on Elizabeth Street in Atlanta, Georgia. And, she must gather a few chosen Earthans for the battles after this. On a world new to people from other worlds.

Second Volume in the Adia Series. Coming in 2023.


Ry’nao came to us early. “Friends, I am sorry to wake you, but we must act quickly. Earth just found a ship belonging to an escaped slave. Bi Keras has operations on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

“Pirad plans to port all of the slaves here. There are 525 of them. It is a small mining operation. He reported the Minelord to TS and let them know we hold the charter of Rainbow Unwell Colony. I appointed Molly to be Queen and she agreed. All of the healers with us vouched for her ability to rule as Queen, so it is now official. They have many ships. He modified them by this ship’s specs and made them into an identical ship that is red. This shall be Molly’s Ship, and we may park it in alt space beside us.

“Young Molly will help in healing these slaves when we receive them. Armed ships from Fhiah will arrive there in a few hours. Greg and Briahh are assisting Pirad and they are well. Deb is learning to help them.

“All but two of the escaped slaves will come here on our ships. Pas brought 5 enneads, so we have enough healers for all.

“Luc’vel and Oesha took a team to the rain forest for samples. With Pirad’s tech they should finish before we meet with the Earthans at Arnold Air Force Base at 9 am.

“I asked Ni’olmai and De’sai to come with us. De’sai explains trade very well. Ni’olmai will assist me. M’Naga is staying on the ship to prepare my proposals for trade agreements. Jen is unwell, so Doug wishes to stay with her. I am happy. How would we explain his poetry to Earthan politicians?” He laughed, and his gray hair floated around his face.

“Berto, Cerict, Merritt, and Persay Ni will come with us. I am sure we will be very busy all afternoon! My Assignment Specialists can field questions.

“But, I need you, Adia to locate the other two slaves. They are with two different Earthan families. I want them safely on our ships before we finish with the meetings today, unless you see reasons not to proceed.”

I nodded. “Cam, Trader of Ishah Elshar Colony, is too injured to help us, but he knows much of slaver activity on Elshar Mashai. He is very important to us. Many of these slaves assisted him when he investigated Leader Mirado, and all vanished.

“Pondaiash, Diplomat of Elshar Zheiea, did much work for King Challet. He also reported much about slaver activity.

“These men may know vital information to help us, if they are able. Who among us is from Elshar Zheiea?”

“Asha is from Ferrimos, so he probably knows Pondaiash. Diplomats from Ferrimos get to know all the others because they travel from prov to prov settling trade disputes."

A young Zheien ported to us and bowed. I took his hand. “Your wife, Oleana is near us.”

He shook his head sadly. “I have nae, Queen Adia.”

“You will.” I showed him that future which now, will not happen. He was very frightened in Rainbow Unwell Colony. Pirad restored his memories, but they did not feel like his. He shuddered when I showed him how he was trained to act as Earthans do. But, he smiled when he saw Oleana.

“O, Pondaiash was my tutor before I attended Sigan Mas! I wished to join his DS Team but he gained independent work.” Blue eyes turned dark. “We both helped Cam Ta with trade disputes.” His yellow skin paled. “Fa moved us to Marenalay because Elshars pursued us.”

I put my hand behind his dark, straight hair. Such mind pain he had! “Let us go first to Pondaiash. Ry’nao, Jacob Westermeyer, Colonel of Arnold Air Force Base, is about to meet him. Whom do you wish to also meet this official?”

Ry’nao startled. “Friends, he is the one we arranged to meet today! Berto, I wish to send you. The rest of us will wait for our appointment.”

Berto smiled. “I am ready!”

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Home Is Series

Original super-length novels from 2009.

Molly Series

Molly, Queen of Rainbow

Neglected twelve year old Molly wants to be a doctor. But Earth gets contact with extraterrestrials, and they are telling her she is destined to lead a miracle healer colony. Her parents don't believe it. Maybe no one will.

Molly cares for her year old diabetic cat, Sylvania, who is white, blue-eyed, and deaf. Volunteers as a Pet Therapist with Sylvania at Kennestone Hospital. To do this, she rides a borrowed bicycle for the three mile commute. She worked for her veterinarian last summer and still has $500 in her bank account. And, pays the vet bill. This year, she got her Registered Nurse license. Started Pre-Med at Georgia State University where her neighbor teaches chemistry. And, at 12, is the youngest student at Marietta High School.

Fern Brown throws away Molly's things, including awards for art projects and other school-related things. She and her husband Jeffrey are busy going to parties until almost midnight nightly. Fern is a real estate agent and Jeffrey, a stock broker. They often travel and leave Molly at home alone. Fern's verbal abuse is unrelentless and Jeffrey hardly protests.

Then came aliens in her neighborhood! Adia showed her a future in which, at 15, she leaves Earth and starts an unwell colony with 525 slaves. At 12, she can legally start a healer colony with 100 followers. She and future husband, Binneas, want to marry. If Earth will only give permission so she can leave.

First Volume Of Molly Series. Coming next in 2023.


​​​​​​​Ben was waiting for me. “I wish to show you my parents!” By my handsome blonde-curled beau were Lineas, who also had blond, and Keea, with dark hair. Neither of them had his light yellow-green eyes, though. Lineabin, his grandfather did. I hugged them. Lineas had bright blue eyes. Keea had medium brown with golden highlights in them.

Fa, I am so happy to see you!” I gave a formal bow.

He startled. “Molly, you know protocols for us?” His delight tingled on my skin!

I giggled. “I want to learn more. If I am going to run a healer colony, I need to always be polite.” I bowed to Mea, too.

O, such a wonderful sae I have! Welcome to our family! Bin, you nae told us she has such delightful manners!”

My beau oranged. “I nae knew, Mea! Eae, she is surprising. This Molly enjoys romance!” He recited a love poem from Miter'han, a MarKuan from centuries before Fhiah moved from MarKu to Alb Seer. I blushed and looked away, like a maiden should. Smiled, big. Why didn’t I learn this stuff from Mia, in that other future?

Ben put a huge bouquet of flowers in my arms. All diff kinds, and all of my faves! Roses, sunflowers, tulips in every color, and a lot more! I waved up a floating vase so we could all enjoy 'em.

I noticed Deb and her parents in Pirad's lab with Greg and Briahh. Oh, they're getting recloned. I wanted to go in there, but I can't help them. Adia and Ryee can.

I ported to Angel's. She was riding her bike so I waved for mine and caught up. “Angel!”

She slowed down. “Molly!”

Ben rode on my other side. No traffic. “Molly, you should let me accompany!”

I flinched, and wobbled. “Sorry, Ben!”

I am nae angry, I merely worry for your safety—”

In our neighborhood? Crime rates are bad in metro Atlanta, but I haven't noticed anything here.”

See this home? Notice the number of cars near it.” He pointed. I know he's Zheien but he looked Earthan. Telepathy can do that. I smiled at him.

That house always has lots of cars. Maybe they just have a big family.”

They deal in illegal drugs. Police watch. This car is that of an undercover detective.” He casually waved towards an older green car. Led us riding the other way. I noticed a mean fella watching us. Creepy.

Angel's bike wobbled. “How do you know?”

My father met new friends today. One knew of them and warned him. We bought a house near here.” He gave the address. Nearly fell off my bike! We both did!

Anderwood Ridge? That's a millionaire neighborhood! Our house is only worth maybe a half mil!” Wow!

My parents and I dwell there, and we wish you to come there, Molly.”

A car came, so we got on the sidewalk. Stopped.

Angel looked from Ben to me. “Isn't this a little sudden?”

Ben bowed to her, like a split. Came up gracefully. “I opened courtship with Molly earlier today. We plan to marry—”

You can't marry a 12-year-old, it's impossible! Georgia made the minimum age 16 with parents' permission.”

Ben paled.

Angel, they don't do what we do!”

She frowned. “What are you talking about?”

They aren't from Earth. Show her, Ben!”

He quit hiding with his telepathy. She looked at his twin-fingered hands.

Ben is a Zheien. He's 15 and already earned his title of diplomat, when most fellas have it at 20. They don’t ever take their clothes off, and they don’t do what our parents do. It’s like marrying a big teddy bear!” Heat roared in my face, to describe Zheien that way, but it’s true. If any Elshar slut drugged him and did that to him, he’d never be the same. But his work is risky. Gotta accept that.

My team came here to invite Earth to our trade networks. You heard our progress in the United Nations? Soon I shall assist my father in these negotiations. There are hundreds of us who shall participate, peacefully.”

She reached her hand, and Ben took it, loosely. “Wow, you're warm!”

I fear to harm you! I am Zheien and our body temperature is 107 degrees Fahrenheit.” She let go.

One of his team, Adia, she sees futures. I saw my future as a healer. Ben and I got married when I was 16 in that future, on a world named Alb Seer. I hope you and your family will come with us! I'm going to have a house on a world named MarKu that moved to the Alb System. I'll be porting for 4 mins to work.” I looked around. “Want to come see their ship?”

Would I ever!” I took her hand and Ben curled his hand around my arm. We stepped into it.

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Rainbow’s Start

1st volume in Rainbow Series.

Dovetails with Home Is A Difficult Journey, 5th Volume, through Home Is Memory, Home Is Illusion, 9th Volume, in Home Is Series.

Molly Brown, only 15, follows her family's adopted slaves from Earth to space and leads a colony start into trouble. Binneas, Diplomat of Fhiah, finds them on Questalod as Emperor Ry'nao makes plans for a new healer colony on Binneas' home Alb Seer. Molly eagerly leads Rainbow Unwell Colony with 525 slaves she acquired to heal and free; but, her love for Binneas grows along with the colony and its reputation for miracles. Can a teenager become a queen and lead the colony?

Zhea~ Year 7822-24 525pp. Novel. Rated PG. Young Adult. ASIN: B002HREMUS


Rainbow Stories

2nd volume in Rainbow Series.

Dovetails with Home Is A Dream Of Well 10th Volume, through Home Is Not Ye~, 12th Volume, in Home Is Series.

Queen Molly Brown and new King Binneas, newlyweds, take care of their growing colony as more Zheien colonies fall to slavers. They try to help Emperor Ry'nao, but slavers take Ye~, and a new emperor must take refuge in Rainbow as dark times come to the Unified and the Alliance. Timespace itself is disrupted by the struggle between tech levels, but what can a healer do?

Zhea~ Year 7824-31 525pp. Novel. Rated PG. Young Adult. ASIN: B002IKKJBK