Short-Short Stories

Note: All of these will be included in Prude Reads, coming soon! It's a story collection.

Dog's Legacy

Grandma shares her parrot’s secret with her granddaughter.

Zhea~ Year 7823 3pp. Short-Short. Rated G. ASIN:


Father Found

Tia’s mother prepares her for her father’s homecoming. She begins a journey of understanding, the loss of innocence in a bittersweet return home.

Zhea~ Year 7778 3pp. Short-Short. Rated G. ASIN: B002HEX4WI


His Brother's Song

In a museum in Anniston, grandmother and granddaughter argue over a scientist’s research. Zhea~ Year 7840 Rated G. 2 pp. Short-Short. ASIN: B002HEX86A


Miracle Cure

Pov experiences a miracle, compliments of Earth. Licorice saves his life.

Rated G. 2pp. Short-Short. ASIN: B002IT6C26


Trader's Gift

Cesta’s coming of age too soon mirrors his father’s and takes him to far worlds. But, traders oft find surprises in the Gift….

Zhea~ Year 6626 Rated G. 2 pp. 450 words. Short-Short. ASIN: B002HEX8WE