Short Stories

After Trash

In a junkyard after dark, Elise loses one part and finds another.

Zhea~ Year 7839. 20pp. Rated PG-13. Short Story. ASIN: B002IPHBNY


Along The Stream

An herbalry, her ducks, and a persecuted Zheien in Fin Colony.

Zhea~ Year 7838 24pp. Short Story. Rated PG. ASIN: B002IT655K


Angel of Gowa

Abel’s search for political refugees among Gowa’s addicts brings him to an enlightening meeting with Tiffany, Earthan Angel of Gowa.

Zhea~ Year 7822 13pp. Short Story. Rated PG-13. ASIN: B002IT65YG


Angels, Visions and the Library

Maggie’s small-town Tennessee library job becomes too exciting for comfort. An alien sends her holograms. Soon she’s on her way to Washington, DC to meet Litoup and take a position as trader. She wanted excitement...

Zhea~ Year 7815 29pp. G Short Story. ASIN: B002IT65YG


Apprentice Healer

Jolene becomes apprentice healer at Brothers, a slave rescue agency. But, she's not who she seems.

Zhea~ Year 7835 16pp. PG-13 Short Story. ASIN: B002IT67JO



Marta had trouble getting used to life in the USA. Now, she’s suddenly caught up in a battle between a diplomat, a slave trader, an escaped slave, and a gang war!

Zhea~ Year 7817 9pp. PG Short Story. ASIN: B002IT688Y


Asha’s Gift

Sula notices that diplomats aren't around long to negotiate the Treaty, despite anticipation of new tech. Her curiosity leads to danger.

Zhea~ Year 7820 34pp. PG-13 Short Story. ASIN: B002IT69S8


Aural Silence

Angelica increasingly feels every time she speaks, someone disagrees. When she finally breaches her long silence, trouble comes for her and her friend.

PG 31pp. ASIN: B002IT6FP0


Awkward Moments

Martel leads the Tech Team to Jenica for delivery of the new Hub server. Fighting between two warring groups aborts the mission. Where’s Martel?

PG 23pp. Short Story. ASIN: B002IT6PGY



Axella hates her name, and it fits about as well as she does in her job, which just went sour. Noplace to go but up.

38pp. PG-13 ASIN: B002IT6QP4


Difference of Cries, A

Ocean cries bring special help.

Zhea~ Year 7826 4 pp. Short. Rated G. ASIN: B002HEX7DO


First Launch

A girl's fae tells of the first successful launch of an interplanetary craft from Zhea~.

[Fae is Zheien for grandfather]

Zhea~ Year 4825 Rated G. 4 pp. Short. ASIN: B002HEX5WM


Whatz In The Closet

Aronna brings a pet home, and Maia realizes it's an Otherworlder. She fears persecution from the Government, but the Sehdlat have something else in mind. Maia has to figure out what.

Zhea~ Year 7818 G. Home Is Series ASIN: B002IYEL3I